How to improve organic and low-input dairying

This website presents a selection of findings from the EU-supported project SOLID – Sustainable Organic and Low-Input Dairying – of special interest for farmers, advisors and others with a practical approach to farming and food production.

The overarching theme is sustainability, as SOLID is about
sustainable organic and low-input dairying. The aim is to inspire the stakeholders of the European dairy sector to improve the sustainability of the their production systems. The SOLID-scientists have collaborated with farmers in various countries using the involving methods of participatory research to assure the relevance for the stakeholders.

As a result of this process, the SOLID- scientists have developed knowledge on sustainable feed resources and the use of
by-products from the food industry for feeding cows, goats and sheep. They have looked into how breed choice can impact the sustainability of the production and developed life cycle assessment tools, and they have monitored carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Together with farmers, they have also developed tools for improving animal health and welfare. In addition, they have analyzed the supply chain from farm to fork and worked with socio-economic modelling to predict the impact of more widespread adoption of low-input practices.

How to improve sustainable organic and low-input dairying