Farmers handbook

A digital handbook for farmers and advisors on various aspects  of low-input and organic dairy farming is one of the most important outcomes of the SOLID project .

The Farmers Handbook can be dowloaded as an entity and it is also possible to download the individual chapters as leaflets.

Download the introduction and the farmers handbook

Introduction to the Farmers Handbook


Download the chapters  of the handbook as leaflets 

Chapter 1
Energy requirements and ration planning for low-input dairy cows

Chapter 2
Feeding home-grown protein and novel feeds to dairy cows

Chapter 3
Use of diverse swards and ‘mob grazing’ for forage production

Chapter 4
Minerals and trace element management for dairy cows

Chapter 5
Vegetable by-products for feeding dairy goats

Chapter 6
Breeding cows suitable for lowinput and organic dairy systems

Chapter 7
Low-input antibiotic strategies: improving animal health & welfare

Chapter 8
Rearing calves on milking cows: key points to consider

Chapter 9
Carbon footprint and biodiversity assessment in dairy production

Chapter 10
Profit on low-input and organic dairy farms

Chapter 11
Strategies to increase sustainability for the supply chain & consumers

Chapter 12
Agroforestry for livestock systems


How to improve sustainable organic and low-input dairying